Best survival games of 2017

The world of video games is constantly evolving and changing. An increasing number of these engaging applications give you the chance to live the most fantastic adventures. The stories are less linear and you have to outsmart your enemies if you want to achieve your goals. Your marvelous escorts will tell you about some of the most exiting survival titles that will impress you, especially if you are an electronic entertainment lover.

Fight against the most challenging enemies

Unfold your capabilities as a strategist on the following games that your adventurous escort Paris from https://www.sexemodel.com/ will recommend you for your amusement: The Last of Us. It has everything a survival game needs, even if it does not unfold in an open world. The scarcity of resources prevails in a devastated world left by the Californians of Naughty Dog. It propels you to choose the best way to act in each situation carefully administrating the materials and the ammunition you have. DayZ. It aims to provide you the most demanding survival experience as your dazzling escorts will tell you. The adventure unfolds in a world where artificial intelligence-controlled zombies are not always your worst enemies. You get to start from scratch. Therefore you will have to investigate and explore houses and buildings in pursuit of weapons, ammunition and healing objects that allow you to stay alive. However, this game has an added difficulty as players controlled by other people will attack you to get your supplies.

Limitless entertainment inside the most brutal and ruthless worlds

If previous titles are not challenging enough, your delightful escort Paris will recommend you some others that take survival experiences to the next level. One of them is known as This War of Mine. It has recently hit new generation consoles. It aims to show the most detestable side of the hostilities: the one that affects innocent people who have nothing to do with the armed conflict.

It propels you to leave your shelter in pursuit of the necessary resources so that your loved ones can survive. Different menaces will be waiting for you hidden behind of every corner. Another game that your marvelous ladies from SexeModel will recommend you is known as Fallout Saga. This franchise has been evolving over the years and its latest release is the most accessible to new role-play fans. Although there is no shortage of ammunition, the apocalyptic atmosphere and the horrendous and mutated enemies fit perfectly with the theme.

There is also a version of Fallout Saga for mobile devices which has gone deeper into a scenario of extreme survival. With an aesthetic that is quite similar to DayZ, State of Decay delves deeper into the plot as your favorite escort Paris will tell you. Again the zombies are the protagonists and also the greatest threat. As one of the few survivors of planet Earth you must do your best to preserve your beloved world.

Dying Light offers you the typical infested world of undead that you must destroy. For that you will be provided with a myriad of weapons that you can modify to make everything more bloody and spectacular. Your smart escorts will recommend you to stay alert at night, since it is then when zombies become more dangerous than ever.

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