Top survival games for PC


During the last years the variety of survival experience titles has been increased. Each one has a unique and exhilarating adventure to offer you, and you will find proposals for different tastes. Unfold your capacities and face the most challenging circumstances with the following games.

Adrenaline-fueled games with explosive adventures

These are the top survival games for PC recommended by the lovers of explosive adventures: Wildlands. In this game, four veteran American soldiers have the task of destabilizing the Bolivian drug cartel. The massive open world serves as a credible playground for your military operations, especially if it is packed with vehicles and cooperative possibilities. The number of strategies for each mission is only limited by the imagination, coordination and discretion of your team. The progression and equipment of your character will always remain the same, regardless of who you play with. Fortnite. It offers you four players to collect material, build bases and defend your territory from the attacks of hordes of undead. In addition, your character will gain a wide range of abilities and you will be able to collect extremely rare objects. Absolve. In this game you will be engaged in body-to-body combats with an emphasis on blocking and dodging. Specialized weapons and the four poses of each character will further expand the possibilities, and you can even learn techniques that are often used against you.

One of the most demanding proposals in terms of survival games

Do Not Starve is a tremendously complicated game. You start your adventure completely alone in a randomly created map through which you will have to quickly wander to find everything you need. At nightfall you will have to light a fire in order to avoid the attack of nocturnal beasts that will try to end up with you.

As if all of those challenges were not enough, you will have to deal with an inclement weather. You will have to survive as many days as possible, and you can be sure that it will not be an easy task.

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