5 best open-world multiplayer survival games


Whether exploring gigantic worlds, climbing the competitive ladder or simply sharing the most amusing moments, a multiplayer experience always offers something unique and distinctive. For this reason, an increasing number of games are developed under this category. However, just a few of them are capable of providing you the most interesting adventures.

Sea of Thieves

This game takes you to explore an era in which the MMOs seem to have almost completely disappeared. When you embark in this new adventure, you will realize that working together with your friends to form the crew of a ship has never been so exciting. You will have to fight against enemies controlled by the AI and their ships. But you will be rewarded with treasure chests that you will have to collect, store and transport. This contributes to make the pirate fantasy even more realistic, as your precious possessions can be intercepted by a rival crew at almost any time.

Mount and Blade 2

This is a classic game with many interesting features. On one hand there is this directional hand-to-hand combat that makes you return to the Middle Age over and over again. On the other hand, you and your friends will enjoy an improved graphic appearance.


This game allows you to create your own strategies so you can surprise your opponents in a way that neither them would dream about. The characters have an impressive fluidity which allows you to resort to impressive offensive variants.

For Honor

The battle that takes place in this game has a surprising depth as it involves special attacks, guard breakages and blockades. Therefore, you will always have to outsmart to your opponent if you want to survive.

Dawn of War 3

It takes you to the roots of the genre of real-time strategy allowing you to build your base. It combines heroic units and factions will offer different styles of play and stratagems.

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